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The reason it was more than just a trip!



On the last day of our 2-week-long trip we couldn't leave without promising to visit each other in the near future and my kindest friends kept their word.They came to Hungary for 4 days and got to know more about our culture and our everyday living customes.

Emily, James I am so glad I can be your friend.


Although we had all made promises to visit each other in our respective countries, we thought that we wouldn’t see each other for years. However on our long trip home to Australia, Emily and I established a plan to visit Hungary in the coming January, as we would both be in Europe at the time. It was very lucky that we were able to visit some of our new friends so soon after meeting them.

Our trip to Hungary was amazing. Our friends; Zalán, David, Ozike, Lucy and Adam made us feel very welcome and showed us around Budapest. Travelling around with locals gave me a very different perspective of a city that I would have only been able to scratch the surface of on my own. I am extremely grateful to these guys as it was such a great couple of days, hopefully one day we can return the favour in Australia.

The Alcoa scholars trip has given all of us these opportunities; firstly to hike through the beautiful Yosemite back country with people from all around the world but also, to maintain communications and to visit each other.

You!! The lucky one who can read this!

You should apply for this opportunity not only because of the 2 weeks in Cali but also to meet new people and make actually lifelong friendships as we did.


I know wherever I want to travel, Australia, America, Spain, Iceland, Norway, or Canada I will be welcomed thanks to this trip and thanks to those people I can call "my friends"

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime

You better...